My Chat with God ( part 6 in my story)

Alright, God, you want me to do what?

Stay with your husband.

Ok, what am I suppose to do here?

Let. Go.


Let ME handle it.

HOW in the world are you going to do that?

In time you will see.

Ugh….really God?  Can’t you just perform a miracle or something and banish the disease?

Have a little faith in ME. {can’t you just see the grin?}

How am I supposed to do that when I feel like the ground has fallen out from beneath me?



One day at a time –one hour, one minute or one breath at a time, if you need to.

You do realize you are telling a control-freak worrywart to turn everything over to you, right?

Yes. I do.

Where were you when this was all happening?!

Beside you…

Do you remember the car accident when you were four months pregnant?  The one when Jimmy was driving you to work?  When the little white car turned in front of you making your husband’s red truck spin into oncoming traffic? With the child you had just conceived through your second round of in-vitro fertilization?  She was four months old in your womb.  I was there.  There were angels, including your father, all around protecting you and Lil Miss Abigail.  You didn’t feel the impact – you were not assaulted by the air bags, you were not cut by your seat belt or pelted by any shards of glass.  You were safe in my arms.  That’s where you will always be.  Trust in me. Rest in me.

Deep breath…

Release the shoulder tension with a deep sigh…

I will.

One minute at a time.

One hour at a time.

One day at a time.

I will learn to trust again.

Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. – 1 Peter 5: 7