Breathe it out – “Me, too!”

I read somewhere recently that some of the most powerful words in the English language are, “Me, too!” ( I think it was in Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton).  I must say I wholeheartedly agree!  What other combination of words can make us feel like we are not totally abnormal and that someone has our back?

It’s like permission to breathe…

When we say, “Me, too,” the exhale seems to take a little longer and empty those lungs full of panic and fear and aloneness.

Just imagine that you’re talking to someone, and she says,” I struggle with (fill in the blank),” and your eyes light up, lock on hers and you say, “ME, too!!” ( did you feel ’em empty?)  What a relief.  Your heart leaps and your shoulders feel lighter and you feel soul-connected.

You + Me = Connection. (I don’t know about you, but THAT’S my kind of math!)

In order for us to build community we must be vulnerable. Oh, what a scary place to be – so exposed and raw – like an antelope with no escape from a lion:

… what if she laughs at me?

…what if she really does think I’m a weirdo?

…what if she tells my friends and they all look at me differently?

…what if they leave me?

I am learning that there is power in vulnerability.  There is power in the shared hurts and soul-sinking feelings. There is power in the soul-connection.  We are not alone. Each one of us has something that crushes our spirit, something that squeezes the joy from daily living, something that keeps us from being free.

Here’s the kicker – each one of us can change that.  We can have a do-over at any point in the day.  Yep – as I tell my daughter, you can turn it around right now.


If you feel alone, spirit-crushed, or even just a bit quirky , that’s ok.  I urge you to take a chance in the next week and share it with someone -a close friend, a mentor, a pastor – or even with me.  I promise I won’t laugh or criticize (cross my heart).

It takes guts to be vulnerable.  I am convinced the most helpful encouragement comes from someone who has traveled that same path…..but we won’t find her if we don’t peel back a layer or two and expose our insecurities.

Our walls have served their purpose.  They protected our hearts, or so we thought.  It’s time for us to tear them down, brick by brick, layer by layer.  Our soul-connections are out there. God will be with us as we learn to let go and let Him handle the details.

My go-to is The Serenity Prayer in times of confusion.  It’s amazing what perspective it brings.  I urge you to give it a try – you may have to say to several times,  but  I can assure you, it is a powerful meditation of acceptance and release.  By the grace of God we go…

This is where the REAL changes happen, my friends

This is where the REAL changes happen, my friends

I’ll go first.  My name is Kristin and I am a grateful member of Al-Anon, a mommy-tantrum thrower, uncertain mama of a kiddo with unique needs and anxiety-sufferer.  I get overwhelmed easily and need my space and time to regroup or I am a wound up ball of tangled string – yet I always try to fill my schedule and I fell like I am always busy. I am trying to make more time for spiritual whitespace and let Him guide me because I can’t do this alone.

Care to join me?

Psst….Guess what y’all? “Me, too!”

I am so excited and filled with gratitude to be linking up with fellow writers (in)couraging writers today.  Come check us out!

12 thoughts on “Breathe it out – “Me, too!”

  1. I have never, ever thought of “me too” in that way before. To be honest, when I first started reading I thought “wow, that is so self centric to have those be the most powerful words in our language!” but no, I get it… I had to keep reading and WOW… profound… and honestly, there were things in your little bio that I could say “me too” about… specifically “uncertain mama of a kiddo with unique needs and anxiety-sufferer. I get overwhelmed easily”… Yep. ME TOO…
    GREAT post, thanks for writing it! (and setting me straight!)

    • Aww, thanks so much! I am glad you stopped by and could relate…. I honestly think that if we were a little more transparent with others, we would feel less stressed and a lot less alone. Rainy Day in May, “me, too, sister!”

  2. Kristin, I love this idea of “me too”! All we want is to honestly connect with others experiencing similar things we are. So true and so powerful. Vulnerability is key isn’t it. The willingness to humble ourselves and offer up our imperfections and struggles as if raising the white flag in surrender to each other. Thanks for sharing. So good to connect with you via incourage. Now my turn:
    I’m Jess. Wife and mama who is blessed beyond measure but rarely acts like it. I have so much to be thankful for but often I find myself wanting more. I’m sure my heart is simply longing for deeper connection to the Father but I find it so hard to focus with the demands of motherhood. My husband is a gift that I’m afraid I’m not stewarding well. I look for God’s grace upon grace in each day to thrive in joy despite these shortcomings. I know he (and my family) love me anyway. Perhaps that’s the greatest blessing of all!

    • Hi Jessica! So happy you stopped by! Thank you for taking the vulnerability leap! Life is full of ups and downs and topsy-turvies and we’re all doing our best to do it with grace. Because God extends that grace to us, we are called to not only extend it to others but ourselves too. And that’s where I think we get tripped up. We feel such need to present a pulled together life that we forget others are struggling as well. I am working on RELEASE this year and being vulnerable is a key part in it. The more scales I pull off, the better I feel…

  3. “Me too!’ Kristin! I believe it too, “there is power in vulnerability.” love your words, so very true my friend! Sharing some “Mom struggles” over on my page, weeding through it still, but thankful for encouragement, like breaths of fresh air to a weary soul. Blessings and grace to you today. 🙂

    • Welcome Debbie! Over the years I have come to value my “real” friends. The ones who KNOW me, the ones who have struggles of their own and still show up to do life. We can love one another through struggles without judgment because that’s the LAST thing we all need….when I hear that, “me, too!” , I know I found a REAL friend!

      I went over to your page as well 🙂

  4. Kristin, I love this. Making space for the quirky…that’s me! I deal with a lot of anxiety as well, so I’m going to put your name on a card and place it on my bedside table so I can pray for you whenever I feel worried. Much better way to channel the energy!

  5. “Me too”- there is so much power when friend stop trying to “fix” things and merely connect. Realizing that another truly understands breaks through the loneliness. I hope I can be that kind of friend more for others. Keep writing and sharing- you have a gift!

  6. I’m not expecting a “me too” but here-goes, I have been a Christian for 20 some years. About 12 years ago my life fell apart because of my sin and the emotional fallout for my husband, my family and myself was horrific. Because of the miracle of God’s Grace my marriage & family have survived. However, I have battled with addiction ever since. I take prescription medication that is an amphetamine, I smoke and I drink a bottle of wine or more a day. I have begged God to set me free but it’s not happening. I have reached out for help but there always seems to be a road block. I feel like I am slowly killing myself and wasting my life and I don’t know where to turn.

    • Hi Mary-Ann,

      Thank you for having the courage to say what you’re struggling with. Ownership is the 1st step. I am not a professional; however I write from my own personal experiences. I would encourage you to seek out your local AA meetings where you can meet people who share in your struggles. It might be scary to walk in and admit in person to others that you’re struggling; I’ve done it – and it’s so reassuring to know that others are in similar situations and we work things out together. Prayer is wonderful yet God also requires action on our parts. I urge you to take that crucial step in going to an AA meeting. Go to to find a local meeting. I will be praying for you to find the answers you need to heal.

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